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Traditional leadership coaching focuses on attitudinal and behavioral changes and leverages tools such as communications training, 360 feedbacks, and survey style assessments. The core practices of executive coaching works on changing behavior through conscious effort.

Samskara teaches clients how to bypass the conscious mind, and tap deep into the subconscious mind, to initiate change, so that changes occur effortlessly on autopilot. Because let's face it, time, willpower, and energy are all finite resources.  Leveraging the subconscious mind is the missing competitive edge for conscious leaders.



We create programs for a diverse, global audience that are data-driven and proven to create impact, while bridging ancient wisdom and contemporary science to create a high-performance mindset & culture for conscious leaders.


Our vision is to upgrade global consciousness and help humans break through their imprints to heal the mind-body-planet connection & unlock total potentiality.  We help organizations shift from the inside-out to activate lasting change and optimal growth.

The Samskara Methodology


Cognitive restructuring - Every single day, the average human thinks 60,000 thoughts. The majority of these thoughts are running on autopilot and based on conditionings that we adopted in childhood by modeling others in our lives. Samskara works to identify these programmings and transform negative mental strategies, internal conflicts, and limiting beliefs for a new empowered mindset.


Flow states - Athletes know the feeling of "being in the zone." This feeling is a brainwave pattern that takes us out of the beta state and to alpha or theta states. Samskara teaches clients how to tap into these flow states while eyes open to enhance productivity and master time.


Neuronutrition - 80% of serotonin is made by the gut aka the 2nd brain. Our digestive system is responsible for a bulk of our emotions and thoughts. Samskara teaches clients what we eat, and how to eat in order to increase cognitive performance and mental stamina.


Growth mindset - Fail fast, fail often is a mantra that is echoed in Silicon Valley. We teach clients to embrace failure as feedback, work with perfectionist tendencies that hold people back, and other aspects of a growth mindset to ensure clients add a repertoire of learning tactics to their tool belt and don't stay stagnant. 


Somatic programming - Our body is an extension of our mind and can make or break success. Each of us have negative and positive anchored emotions that trigger responses in our behavior (i.e. Pavlov's dogs). Samskara teaches clients how to untangle these programmings and install wanted triggered behavioral response to drive momentum towards our success.


Epigenetics - Science has proven to us that we inherit emotions from our elders. Up to 14 generations back. We have many underlying behavioral patterns that are not resourceful. Luckily, science has also proven that with the power of epigenetics we can turn biomarkers on and off. Samskara teaches clients how to leverage this tool not only for themselves but also their future lineage.


Group consciousness - The human brain evolved to have mirror neurons that mimics other's brains in order to survive. Ever heard of group think? Samskara teaches clients how to wield this hidden science to create deep influence, charisma, and executive presence. Bonus points include personal relationships improving which also impacts career success.


Unconscious bias - Every single person has unconscious bias due to a variety of factors to include mental models and mental shortcuts to shorten decision-making. Samskara teaches clients how to change this to reduce negative bias that gets in the way of our success. Plus, it's the right thing to do for humanity at large.

Are you ready to unlock your total potential?

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Samskara believes black lives matter.

Our founder, Supriya Venkatesan, is a member of the BIPOC and LGBQTIA community, a disabled US Army veteran, neuro-divergent, a first-generation immigrant, and a first generation college graduate. She stands for the rights of all marginalized groups and intersectional identities.
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