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- Limited Time Offer : By Application Only -


Shift from self-sabotage to self-mastery

One Hour,
Life Altering Results

This life-changing 60-minute experience will rewire your brain from being stuck in self-sabotage to making powerful moves with momentum in business and life. Ready to level up and break through your inner ceiling?


Join hundreds of entrepreneurs who have broken free from their subconscious patterns & actualized their success !

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The Power Hour

This 60 minute intensive experience is for conscious entrepreneurs who know that strategy and tactics are only a piece of the puzzle.


They know that results are driven by 80% mindset, and 20% skillset.


You may have tried meditation, yoga, or plant medicine and know there is a vast terrain to explore and master, but don't have an entire lifetime to figure it out.

You crave deep, rapid shifts now.


And meaningful ROI for time and money spent.

The Power Hour is the solution.


By changing your consciousness, you will open yourself, and your world, up to a new way of thinking, living, and being. You create new opportunities, begin to see things that weren’t visible before, start to make connections as if through synchronicity - by changing the very essence of thought.


But the truth is, anyone can make a good sales pitch. The results shown on this page and the no-questions-asked money-back guarantee speak to the efficacy of this experience.

Release that invisible pattern holding you back from the next level.

This is right for you if...

You struggle with any of these challenges and they are preventing you from stepping into the limitless potential you know you have.

inner critic

Silence the inner critic

Eliminate the critical, discouraging voice that weighs you down, and open up to possibility.


Reduce overwork

Eliminate overwork by shifting inner conflicts that propel this burnout-inducing behavior.


Overcome imposter syndrome

Own your worth and allow confidence to become your new natural state.


Reduce overwhelm

Achieve clarity and action by removing the root causes which create overwhelm.


Change your money story

Release the negative patterns keeping you from achieving prosperity and break through your money ceiling.


Reduce reactive emotions

Remove deep-seated emotions like anger, fear, sadness, shame, and guilt that prevent action.

Business Outcomes

These are just some of the outcomes clients have achieved that resulted in creating key shifts in their business.



More physical & mental energy to work faster.



Finishing tasks and no longer procrastinating.

03. Marketing

Owning their voice & visibility in marketing.



Better interpersonal communications.



Increased stakeholder management.



Increasing business revenue & margins.



Greater mental peace and releasing anxiety.



Having clarity on a sticky issue.



Confidence during intimidating scenarios.



Removed the bottleneck of Self.


Meet Your Mentor

Hi! I'm Supriya Venkatesan. 


I'm an Executive Mindset Coach, former executive leader, serial entrepreneur, and combat military veteran with over 19 years of experience in coaching, and mentorship. My expertise lies in solving complex challenges for individuals and businesses, through rapid subconscious transformation. I'm on a mission to upgrade global consciousness and help humans break through their imprints.

During my diverse career, I've mentored and coached hundreds of leaders across different levels of business, ranging from early growth startups, to mid-size businesses, to multinational companies. Equally, I have been committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion and I'm proud to have won the ADCOLOR award by ADWEEK.

My professional experience encompasses working with Fortune 500 brands such as Apple, Dropbox, and Toyota, along with prestigious not-for-profit led organizations such as the United Nations and David Lynch Foundation. One of my greatest achievements during my corporate career was scaling a functional business unit from 60M ARR to 85M ARR in 9 months, while also scaling headcount from 65 to 100 personnel.

I'm committed to my craft and am a member of the Forbes Coaches Council,  and hold a MS in Strategic Communications from Columbia University. I also have a ton of coaching certifications, at the Master Coach level. But I first honed my coaching skills during my first career serving 6 years active duty in the US Army, leading teams across 3 continents, while also being awarded numerous medals to include the Commandant's Award for being in the top 10% of my leadership class.

A storyteller at heart, my writings have appeared in The New York Times, CNN, Washington Post, Teen Vogue, TIME, and Playboy. I was also awarded a Writing Fellowship by Columbia University and received specialized training in trauma-informed storytelling & interviewing while in-residence at the Pulitzer building. I was also awarded a Leadership Fellowship by the Schusterman Foundation to tour Israel & Palestine while meeting with thought leaders in-country and all segments of the population in 2023 for the purpose of conflict resolution.

I don't shy away from the hard stuff and my nature is to dig in deep, into the complex challenges that make up life and to find solutions, with compassion and grace.

Monk Overlooking at a Temple

My Journey

Humble Beginnings


My journey started with humble roots. I grew up in abject poverty and endured multiple types of abuse, by multiple abusers. I constantly shifted homes, living with different family members and in foster care. Eventually my family tired of me and I was kicked out at the age of 16. Letting go of the AP classes, the Honor Roll and my studious nature, I was forced to drop out of high school and figure out how to feed and shelter myself. 


Breaking Cycles

The next few years of my fleeting childhood had even greater pain as I worked odd jobs, became entangled in toxic co-dependent relationships, and experienced homelessness - all while grappling with negative emotions, beliefs, and underlying patterns that were a hangover from my childhood. With a relentless focus on wanting to change my circumstances, I studied everything I could about the human mind. Before I knew it, I found myself graduating at the top of my class at Columbia University, being published in the New York Times, consulting for Apple, working at the US Embassy, scaling businesses into the multi-millions, personally investing in the millions, and holding my beautiful newborn daughter who would never endure what I had. So many cycles broken.


Codifying Transformation

I know what is possible if you make deep shifts. After decades of studying with scholars and msytics, and travels across continents, I have codified this into a simple system that is guaranteed to get results, every single time. It's called the Samskara System, because with every tool that you learn within the framework, you master how to remove another samskara, a mental impression of the mind, and change deep neural pathways, mental habits that create behavioral results. And for most clients, who want a little taste of this experience and are not ready to commit to a full coaching container, it starts here with the Power Hour.

Are you ready to make shift happen?

Ready to get results like these?

Screenshot 2024-01-27 at 6.26.06 PM.png
Screenshot 2024-01-27 at 6.25.17 PM.png
Screenshot 2024-01-27 at 6.22.33 PM.png
Screenshot 2024-01-24 at 4.57.41 PM.png
Screenshot 2024-01-27 at 6.20.11 PM.png

Did you see all the client love?

And you can have those same results. With speed.  

The Power Hour is a portal, it's the gateway, it's where you and I create alchemy of your negative tendencies. It's where we undo the patterns of your current existence hidden inside your psyche, and shift into a new identity, into a new way of being.


It's where with the guidance of a master coach focused on precision + rapid results you chisel away at blocks seen, and unseen, and where you unfold into becoming your own masterpiece.

What if you could go further, doing less?


Rapid results

You don't need years of therapy, meditation or healing. Rapid results are possible with the right tools. Depending on the complexity, we can either completely remove it make significant, tangible progress. Prior to your first session, we will discuss what is feasible in one session.


Obliterating hidden blocks

We will remove blocks that you are not aware of. Beneath every problem, there is a deeper layer to the problem. If you knew what it was, then you would have already solved it by now. Part of my expertise is getting to the deepest layers, so we tackle the root cause.



My training and personality makes me focused on precision. During our session, we will move quickly, and with focus. It can be an intense experience. If you prefer things slower or prefer chatting / talk-therapy, then this is not the right fit.


Inherited conditioning

Scientific data and ancient wisdom teaches us that we inherit trauma and conditionings through our DNA & lineage, and societal/community conditioning. Some of the things holding you back isn't of your own doing. These can be shifted as well. 

The Experience

The three phases of the Power Hour.


Intake form

The first step is to fill out an intake form that must be received at least 48 hours before our session so that I can prepare in advance for your unique challenges and aspirations. As a result, you will have a bespoke, personalized experience that gets to the root cause of issues.

DALL·E 2024-01-29 17.50.37 - Create an image of a red smartphone with a soft, less geometr


Flying Paper Airplane

60 minute intensive

We will meet for 60 meets and I will guide you through various mental and energy-based exercises. During the experience, you will feel a shift in mind, body, and emotions. I will ask you throughout if the specific issue(s) is still present to ensure we remove it completely. Many clients equate these 60 minutes to a plant medicine journey, just without the plants. For others, they say its like 10 years of therapy at warp speed. 


7 days of email support

After the session is completed, you will receive 7 days of email support as you integrate the shifts back into your life. If you have questions or need anything, I am a message away. A response will never take longer than 24 hours. 

Paper Boats in the Clouds

The Investment: $497

The total value for this call is $1,000 and this introductory experience is for 1st-time clients only. Payment is only due once the application has been approved.

Only 10 slots are available per month; by application only.

Money-Back Guarantee Website Graphic (1).png

I'm so confident in our methodology that we offer a 100% money back guarantee if you don't find value during the call.

If during the Power Hour Intensive session, you do not get a major internal shift in how you approach the problem being solved, your entire fee will be refunded.


We also have a no questions asked policy. If for any reason you are not satisfied, you get a complete refund.


I believe in delivering results, that are worth your time and money. I also believe in my own power as a coach and being the embodiment of someone who is focused on excellence.

So give your body what it DESERVES. 

  • Q: How do I know if subconscious reprogramming is right for me?
    Subconscious reprogramming is a great choice if you find yourself facing persistent barriers when trying to achieve goals, despite having the necessary skills and resources. It's especially beneficial if: You Recognize Limiting Beliefs: You're aware of negative thoughts or beliefs that consistently hinder your progress. Desire for Personal and Professional Growth: You're committed to both personal and business development and open to exploring new methods for improvement. Facing Repeated Patterns: You notice recurring patterns in your behavior or decision-making that are not serving your entrepreneurial goals. You Seek Enhanced Focus and Motivation: You're looking to strengthen your focus, motivation, and overall mindset toward success. You're Open to New Techniques: You're open to integrating techniques such as affirmations, visualization, and mindfulness into your routine to foster positive changes in your subconscious mind​​​. Remember, subconscious reprogramming can align your deeper beliefs and attitudes with your conscious goals, enhancing your ability to navigate entrepreneurial challenges more effectively.
  • Q: How do I know if the Power Hour is the next best move for me?
    To determine if the Power Hour, a 1-hour intensive session, is the next best move for you, consider these points: Understanding Your Needs: If you're struggling with internal barriers such as limiting beliefs, negative self-talk, or mental blocks that are affecting your entrepreneurial success, this session will be incredibly beneficial. Seeking Rapid Transformation: The Power Hour is designed for those who desire quick, intensive work rather than a prolonged approach. If you're looking for immediate insights or breakthroughs, this is a great option. Specific Goals: If you have specific goals or issues that you believe are rooted in your subconscious mind, and you want targeted assistance in these areas, the Power Hour can provide the focused approach you nee​​​​d. Entrepreneurial Challenges: As an entrepreneur, if you face unique challenges that you believe are linked to your mindset or subconscious beliefs, this session will offer tailored guidance to overcome these hurdles.
  • Q: Can I continue working with you after the Power Hour session?
    Yes! There are a few different ways to continue working together. Most clients go on to learn the Samskara System, which is a 12-week 1:1 coaching and training program where they learn the entire system to tackle any kind of internal limitation that exists. This enables people to coach themselves, under any circumstances, for life.
  • Q: I’m a busy human. Can I schedule this for when it works for my calendar?
    Absolutely! I work between 9am - 5pm CT in the US. If you have availability during those times, we can find a slot that works for you.
  • Q: What if I don’t feel like the experience?
    We have a no-questions-asked money-back guarantee.
  • Q: I’m totally new to anything related to mindset or energetics, is this still good for me?
    Yes, being new to these concepts is beneficial because you approach them with a fresh perspective. Here's why it's good for you. A beginner's mind allows you to approach the work with curiosity, free from preconceived notions. This state of openness fosters learning and discovery.
  • Q: I've worked with lots of coaches, healers, etc and been to many seminars, is this right for me?
    Only you can truly answer that question. Having said that here are some thought starters, and you can always book a call to see if this is a good fit prior to going through the experience. Identify Your Current Needs: Reflect on what specific needs or goals you have at this moment. Are they different from what previous coaches or seminars have addressed? If yes, then this new experience could offer fresh insights or methods that align with your current objective​​​. Evaluate the Approach: Each coach or seminar has a unique approach. Assess if the methods and philosophies of the Power Hour resonate with you and differ from your past experiences, potentially providing new value. Seek Different Perspectives: If you're looking for diverse perspectives or innovative techniques that you haven't encountered before, this could be extremely beneficial. Sometimes, different approaches can unlock new levels of understanding and growth​​​. Measure Success from Past Experiences: Reflect on your past coaching experiences. What worked for you? What didn’t? This self-awareness can guide your decision on whether the Power Hour aligns with your unique way of learning and growing​.
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Shift from Self-sabotage to Self-mastery

Submit your application today, and let go of the internal limitations preventing your next level success.

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