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True Self Discovery Playbook

True Self Discovery Playbook

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Introducing the True Self Discovery Playbook - the ultimate guide designed to help you uncover your deepest motives, desires, and obstacles, propelling you towards a life that aligns with your values and aspirations.


This 24-page Playbook is designed to take you on a journey of self-discovery, self-reflection, and self-awareness. It provides you with practical tools and exercises to help you explore your inner self and uncover your true, authentic self.


With this playbook, you will learn to trust your intuition, follow your heart, and make decisions that align with your highest self.


This comprehensive playbook includes step-by-step instructions, insightful prompts, and helpful tips to guide you through each exercise. It covers a wide range of topics such as identifying your values, setting intentions, practicing self-care, managing stress, and building meaningful relationships.


Here's what's included:


  • Self Discovery Worksheets

  • Achievements Worksheet

  • Self Improvement Worksheet

  • Core Talents

  • Character Strengths

  • Values Worksheet

  • Big Five Personality Test

  • Inspiration Worksheet

  • Perceptions Worksheet

  • Core Need

  • Self Reflections

  • Hopes and Dreams

  • Feelings Wheel

  • And More!


Whether you're feeling lost, confused, or disconnected, the True Self Discovery Toolkit is the perfect resource to help you find your way back to yourself. 

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