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Mini Breakthrough Session

Please fill out this form below prior to our 60-minute breakthrough session.


The more information I am able to have in advance, the better I can prepare for our meeting. In my experience, the most powerful sessions are the ones where we focus on doing change work and not asking these preliminary questions. It's ideal for us to stay in a state of awakened shifting to enable a domino of shifts in our time together. 

I'm looking forward to our meeting - and excited for you to step into your highest potential!

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Intake Questions

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I had the good fortune to work with Supriya as she shared her incredible healing modalities with me. I chose her to be my healer because I have known Supriya for a decade now and I have firsthand seen her incredible healing journey and spiritual growth. Supriya is one of the best people to connect with and trust with your healing process because she walks her talk. We all know that healing our own trauma wounds from this lifetime can be challenging, and add on top of that intergenerational trauma and wounds as well other lifetimes. To find a trustworthy healer who has walked the path herself in this lifetime is incredibly rare. I would recommend her strongly for your healing path, just like I have been able to benefit from her work. Her work has left a strong impression on my mind and I have to say, it has been very helpful for me to fall back on. As always we have to do our own part in this healing process but having the right catalyst to make it easier and a bit faster, is always a blessing. Supriya is that healer for me.

Neha P.

My somatic release session with Supriya was life-changing. Before the session, she had me set intentions on what negative energy I wanted to release. During the session, she guided me through various powerful exercises that released conscious and subconscious tension that had built up in me. The topics that had been heavy before the session became light as air by the end. In the moment, the release felt icky like I couldn't let it out fast enough. I got a little nauseous and had to take a lot of deep breaths out. After the session, I felt uplifted onto a higher vibration because of Supriya. Although my head was clear and light, my body felt like it needed rest afterward. 

Brittany V.

Client Love

Hear more from our past clients and what they have achieved.

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