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Coaching engagements

I offer a few different packages for different types of leaders. See below to learn more. If it resonates, let's hop on a call and chat about your unique situation and if I can help, I'll propose a plan with expected outcomes. If I can't help, then I might refer you to someone in my network.


Leah McIntosh


After being at a stagnant point for a long time, I finally grew the revenue of our marketing agency. We 10x-ed it as a direct result of Supriya's coaching. Bonus: I released 20+ pounds and dropped the emotional wounds that were stopping my success in life and business.


Suzi Freeman


With Supriya's coaching, we were able to finally launch our app and enter a whole new demographic base to increase our reach. Without her mindset coaching and her communications consulting expertise, this simply would not have been possible. The combo is magic.


Matt Dickson


I used to consistently procrastinate on a key aspect of my business. After just one session, Supriya transformed my subconscious patterns and now I have unstoppable motivation. It was amazing what was possible in such a short amount of time.

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