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Where Mindset Meets Metrics.

High-Performance Mindset Training 

for Conscious Entrepreneurs  & Intrapreneuers

Using Mobile Phones

If information was everything,
we would all have a 6-pack

and be billionaires.

In this 21st century world, there is no shortage of articles, videos, how to guides, tips and tricks. But information is only one piece of the puzzle on the path to accomplishment.

You don't need more information. You need a transformation.

Are you ready to release the subconscious patterns holding you back?

Hi! I'm Supriya Venkatesan. 

My first name is pronounced Su-pree-ah.

My last name is pronounced  Ven-kah-teh-shun.

I help people unlock the hidden powers of their subconscious mind. And achieve their greatest success yet.

I'm a board-certified Master Coach.

And a member of the Forbes Coaches Council.

I'm a serial entrepreneur.

And a former corporate leader at Fortune 100.

I got my start in the adult world as a young non-commissioned officer in the US Army teaching and training soldiers all over the world, in combat and out.

I have a Masters of Science in Strategic Communications from Columbia University.

And I have oodles of coaching certifications.


In short, I'm a nerd in all things how-does-the-mind communicate.

And I want to show you how to wield this magic

to unlock your greatness.

Executive burnout coach & peak performance coaching
And apparently I only wear red when working with celebrities.
executive coach chicago

Leah McIntosh


After being at a stagnant point for a long time, I finally grew the revenue of our marketing agency. We 10x-ed it as a direct result of Supriya's coaching. Bonus: I released 20+ pounds and dropped the emotional wounds that were stopping my success in life and business.

executive coach chicago

Suzi Freeman


With Supriya's coaching, we were able to finally launch our app and enter a whole new demographic base to increase our reach. Without her mindset coaching and her communications consulting expertise, this simply would not have been possible. The combo is magic.

executive coach chicago

Matt Dickson


I used to consistently procrastinate on a key aspect of my business. After just one session, Supriya transformed my subconscious patterns and now I have unstoppable motivation. It was amazing what was possible in such a short amount of time.

Real People. Real Results.


Brands I've worked with


Rise above the noise.
Disrupt your stuck patterns.
Manage complexity without overwhelm.
Master performance, productivity, and profitability.

Rooted in ancient wisdom, backed by modern science.

Rock Maze




Mental impressions of the mind.


Likened to grooves, these thought patterns shape one's present life, circumstances and success.

In neuroscience, this is akin to neural pathways, created & cemented through psychosomatic inputs.

What is the Samskara Sytem?

Image by Annie Spratt

Are you ready to unlock your potential?

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Change your energy, change your results.

Samskara demystifies what it means to have a high performance mindset with actionable insights.

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